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Johnson & Johnson has long recognized the critical role played by frontline healthcare professionals in optimizing patient outcomes through quality medical care and life-changing emotional connections. However, despite J&J’s historic efforts and strong media budget dedicated to supporting nurses, the public’s perception of nurses would not budge. Instead, they found that the portrayal of nurses in popular culture as assistants to doctors at best and a source of derision at worst was negatively affecting society’s perception of the nursing profession. J&J called upon us to develop an original piece of content which would rightfully portray nurses as the heroes they are. We unearthed the poignant story of Ward 5B, and knew this would serve as a powerful opportunity to connect J&J to the transformational advancements in HIV care, showcase its support of the nursing community, and celebrate the humanity so deeply valued within the company, while altering the public consciousness surrounding nurses.

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5B is a brand-funded feature-length documentary, directed by Oscar nominee Dan Krauss and Academy-Award winner Paul Haggis which tells the inspirational story of everyday heroes who took extraordinary action to comfort and care for patients in the first HIV/AIDS ward unit in the world. The story of Ward 5B is stirringly told through first-person testimony of the nurses and caregivers who founded the Ward in 1983, their patients, loved ones and staff who volunteered to create care practices based in humanity and holistic well-being during a time of great uncertainty. The result is an uplifting, yet candid and bittersweet, monument to a pivotal moment in American history and a celebration of quiet heroes’ worthy of renewed recognition.

5B became the first brand funded feature to premiere as an Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival, won the 2019 Grand Prix Entertainment Lions at Cannes and is now a part of MOMA’s Permanent Collection. It maintains a 100% Critics Score on Rotten Tomatoes, with The Hollywood Reporter calling it “An uplifting film about human decency and generosity of spirit.”





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