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Gen Z has supercharged self-expression with an explosion of micro-trends, subcultural communities and internet-slang that frequently leaves many brands behind. As a legacy brand, Magnum was losing share to cooler, purpose-driven competitors such as Halo Top and Ben & Jerry’s. Magnum needed a way to supercharge sampling, without handing out thousands of ice-creams.

We were engaged to create an experiential Australian treat and develop relevance for Magnum Ice Cream among an elusive demographic. In speaking to the generation that pioneered #pearlcore and ‘flexercise’, Magnum couldn’t afford to be vanilla. In fact, they needed to do the very opposite.

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If there’s one thing Gen Z has taught us, it’s that nothing is one-dimensional. Gone are the days when gender, sexuality or race follow one set of rules.

Introducing Magnum After Dark, the ultimate celebration of self-expression and pleasure. We chose the iconic Oxford Hotel in Sydney, a 100-year-old pub, that throughout its history has celebrated individualism and queer influence. We took this iconic Aussie pub, a place synonymous with Australia debauchery, and turned it into a premium, extravagant and pleasurable brand experience like no other. We enlisted one of the most provocative pleasure seekers as Magnum ambassador, Miley Cyrus, to help create noise far beyond what a standard media campaign could.

Magnum partnered with Rolling Stone to amplify the event and served Magnum Martinis in branded gold hip flasks that were then personalized at the engraving station. We also created our very own Make Your Own Miley Magnum Bar, enjoyed live performances by local Australian artists Peach PRC, Mia Rodriquez & JamarzOnMarz, and even 3D projected an exclusive Miley performance for all of Taylor Square to enjoy. Finally, for the cherry on top we had 86 tattooed brave punters walk out of the event with their very own Magnum memory.

In times of great social restriction, there comes great release, and the desire for hedonistic experiences increases. The more debaucherous, the more sociable, and the more pleasurable, the better.




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